Radiant Sea

a film by Stefan Butzmühlen

Germany 2014, 79 minutes, German-French-English OV
Subtitles: English

starring Martin Sznur, Jule Léo Sagot

Radiant Sea

Marek starts as a trainee on a container ship. It’s 197 metres long, 30 metres wide and bound for Martinique. Full of anticipation, he leaves his parents’ farm in Western Pomerania and goes on board at St. Nazaire. Marek wants to find freedom and falls in love with the enigmatic sailor Jean. Will it just be a fling or will it last forever? Does Jean actually have a lover in every port? On his trip across the Atlantic, Marek may not actually become a sailor, but he does grow up.

A romantic coming-of-age trip over the Atlantic and a maritime boy’s dream about love under the conditions of modern cargo shipping.


with English subtitles

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