a film by Hannes Hirsch

Germany 2023, 79 minutes, German and English
Subtitles: Englisch, German


Moritz (22) follows his boyfriend Jonas to Berlin only to be abandoned by him within a few weeks. For some time he finds security with the older Noah, but then moves on. He changes his looks and dives into the city’s vibrating techno world. He learns to express his repressed desires, but he also starts to lose himself in drugs and emotional alienation. With the help of his queer friends, Moritz develops his own ideas of sexuality and masculinity, leading him a little closer to himself.

In his feature debut, director Hannes Hirsch tells the story of a young man’s coming-of-age in the Berlin party scene as a sort of second coming-out. A journey through loneliness, excess and kink, „Drifter“ deals with gay body image issues and questions of queer kinship while painting an authentic portrait of Berlin’s queer community.




After his film directing studies at the self-organized school Filmarche in Berlin, HANNES HIRSCH (director & co-author) studied at the University of Fine Arts in Berlin in Thomas Arslan’s class and graduated in 2020. His medium-length film „Beach Boy“ has been screened at international festivals, including Max Ophül Preis and Achtung Berlin, where it won the award for best medium-length film. With Diemo Kemmesies he founded the production company Milieufilm in 2009. Hannes Hirsch is also the inventor and developer of the shooting schedule software Fuzzlecheck.

  • 2008

    „Rosa Jungs“, 13 Min.

  • 2011

    „Beach Boy“, 32 Min.

  • 2018

    „Routes“, 24 Min.

  • 2023

    „Drifter“, 79 Min.

RIVER MATZKE (co-author) did a B.A. in Cultural Studies before studying screenwriting at the German Film- and Television Academy Berlin. They contributed to a wide range of short films in different positions and learned in various international screenwriting labs. River writes features and series for streamers and production companies. Their heart is beating for political genre cinema, New Queer Cinema and trash. River works and survives in Berlin.

ELI BÖRNICKE (DOP) is a cinematographer and filmmaker in Berlin. Since 2017 she has been studying cinematography at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin. She particularly enjoys visual languages that are able to open the eye to new, vertiginous perspectives. Her collaborations can be seen at international film festivals.

ELENA WEIHE (Editing) is an editor for feature films and documentaries whose work has been shown at various international festivals, including the Berlinale. Since 2018, she studies at the DFFB and during her studies has done the sound design for several film projects, opening her to the possibilities of auditory-oriented storytelling. She also made a radio play „Sabines Hand“ which won several audience and jury prizes at festivals. Her deepening sound design experience serves as a big inspiration and influence on her style and work as an editor.

LORENZ HOCHHUTH (Moritz), born in Hamburg in 1996. His first parts were at the Thalia Theater and the Staatsoper Hamburg, amongst others with Jette Steckel, Lars Ole Walburg, Dimitri Tcherniakov and Studio Braun. In 2013 he was awarded with the Deutscher Jungendfilmpreis for the movie „Spiegelnackt“. In 2014, he won the Abgedreht Filmfestival for his directing of the music video „Forever“. 2017-21 he attended the Universität der Künste drama school in Berlin. During his time there, he played at the bat-Studiotheater, the Theater Freiburg, the Volksbühne Berlin and at the Berliner Ensemble, where he got a part in Michael Thalheimer’s „A Streetcar Named Desire“. Since the season of 2021/22, Lorenz is a permanent member of the ensemble at the Münchner Volkstheater.

CINO DJAVID (Noah) is a German-Iranian actor, born in Hamburg. There he completed his acting studies in 2009. In 2013 he received the Proskenion Best Newcomer Award. Djavid has been engaged at the State Theatre in Braunschweig since 2017. He received a nomination for Best Acting for his role as Malvolio in Shakespeare‘s „Twelfe Night“. In 2023, he will switch to the State Theatre Hannover. In the TV crime series „Colleagues“ he is part of the permanent main cast. He played Orkan Erdem in the Netflix series „Dogs of Berlin“ (directed by Christian Alvart) and has a leading role alongside Lena Urzendowsky in „Franky Five Star“ (directed by Birgit Moeller), which runs in the feature film competition at the Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis in 2023.

GUSTAV SCHMIDT (Jonas), born 1996 in Magdeburg, gained his first experience in front of a camera already during his acting studies between 2014 and 2018 at the HFS Ernst Busch in Berlin. He got an engagement at the Theater Bonn from 2018-20, right after his graduation. He then returned to Berlin where he now lives and works as an actor. Schmidt was seen recently in the TV series „Kranitz“ and as the male lead in the feature film „Alle für Ella“.

OSCAR HOPPE (Stefan) was born in 1996 in Dresden and was raised in a theatre family. During the time of his studies at the HFS Ernst Busch in Berlin he also started to work in front of the camera for several movies and tv shows e.g. „Bad Banks“ and „Munich – On the Edge of War” (directed by Christian Schwochow). Since 2020 he is part of the ensemble at the Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater Schwerin. In 2023 he will be part of the upcoming Netflix-show „All the Lights We Cannot See“ by „Stranger Things“-director Shawn Levy.



Directed by

Hannes Hirsch

Written by

Hannes Hirsch, River Matzke


Eli Börnicke


Elena Weihe


Moritz Zuchantke

Sound Design

Ilya Selikhov, Sum-Sum Shen


Edgar Mauser, Janina Kaßan, Nina Zimmermann

Set Design

Fia Bartesch, Lasha Rostobaia

Make Up

Lone Anders, Evin Yeyrek

Production Manager

Ayla Sophia Franken


Diemo Kemmesies, Hannes Hirsch


Jost Hering, Björn Koll



Lorenz Hochhuth


Cino Djavid


Gustav Schmidt


Oscar Hoppe


Marie Tragousti


Aviran Edri


Cat Jugravu


Alexandre Karim Howard


Rabea Egg


Elaine Cameron

A Milieufilm production
co-produced by Jost Hering Filme und Salzgeber
World Sales: Salzgeber